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The Imperial Clover Egg

No Longer Available

A one inch high replica of the original Imperial Clover Egg presented by Nicholas II to his wife, the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna for Easter 1902. The original Egg is done in plique-a-jour while this tiny copy has the clover leaves, ribbons and gem studded 4 leaf clovers on a ground that has been plated in 24 karat gold. At its base it rests on a cabochon garnet and at its apex it has a tiny replica of the Imperial crown with a bale mounted on it for wearing. Inside, the most charming surprise: on a bed of lily pads - a tiny frog that is 3/8ths of an inch from nose to rump. The frog replaces the diamond studded 4 leaf clover pin in our large Egg.

The Egg sits on a display stand of Siberian Jade with a pedestal in green enamel guilloché that cradles the Egg when it is not being worn.

Our price: $500.00. No Longer Available


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