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The Pink Quartz Egg

Inspired by The Bouquet of Lilies Clock Egg given to the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna by Tsar Nicholas II in 1899, The Pink Quartz Egg takes its styling from the Bouquet of Lilies Egg, but is not intended as a reproduction of it.

The original Bouquet of Lilies Clock Egg is a golden apricot enamel with vertical bands of diamonds dissecting the egg in 12 segments, each segment representing an hour of the day or night. In the middle of the Egg there is a revolving horizontal white enamel band bearing the hours marked in rose-cut diamond Roman numerals. A diamond studded bow and arrow indicate the hour. The Egg itself acts as a vase for a bouquet of Lilies that rises from its crown. The Lilies, carved from chalcedony, have leaves and stems of gold and pistils of diamonds. The whole sits on a pedestal base supported by scrolls and acanthus leaves of gold all of which rests on a rectangular plinth covered with scrolls of gold and bearing the date 1899 in diamonds.

The Pink Quartz Egg is hand carved of Pink Quartz, mounted on a base of beveled edge onyx covered with scrolls of gold. The supports and the segment dividers are also gold as is the band representing the clock face. The hours are marked by cabachons of pink quartz. Rising from the apex of the Egg is a surround of roses set with cabachon rubies. The Lilies are hand carved amethysts and hand carved rock crystals with pistils of citrines and leaves of hand carved jade. The Egg on its pedestal stands 12 inches tall. All of the gold is 23 karat plate over sterling silver. This strikingly beautiful work of art is a limited edition totaling 50 pieces world wide.

Our price: $20,000.00


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