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Variations on Wearable Eggs

The originals of these miniature Eggs were made for Easter giving amongst the most affluent Russian households. They became very much sought after, and were collected and worn almost as status symbols.

These replicas of the original miniscule Eggs, made specifically for personal decoration, come in tiny velvet bags marked Fabergé in gold, then enclosed in their own miniature gold encrusted Limoges Porcelain Boxes. The boxes themselves are miniature replicas of Presentation Boxes with which the monarchy gifted those to whom it wished to show appreciation.

The diminutive Eggs are exact reproductions of those made earlier; fashionable ladies then wearing multiples of them on bracelets and necklaces. Fabergé made many of them, each of varied design. Collected prodigiously by the ladies, there are examples of bracelets with as many as 11 of them displayed (See Fabergé by Karen Farrington). One wonders what it was like wearing 11 dangling eggs, some of gold, some hand carved of gemstone, some enamel guilloché, many set with precious stones. Moderation was not much practiced in Russia in those years. Today, wearing even one of these delicately beautiful pieces will be sufficient to bring all eyes to the wearer.


NOTE 1: All come with documentation and in handsome fitted travel cases just as the original Fabergé pieces.

NOTE 2: Photographs of the originals of several of these Eggs can be seen in the book "Fabergé and The Russian Goldsmiths."


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